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Welcome to Repasdo

In Repasdo we believe that fashion industry is ready for PIVOTING! Ready for A VALUE-REGENERATIVE ECOSYSTEM and we are building it!

To make a big change we need to pivot!

Today there is a well-formed structure for textile supply chain. What if we build a technological structure for used-textile supply chain?

•Fashion doesn’t pay fair. what if the final selling prices can be shared instead of cost price?

A geared up framework to achieve sustainable goals!

The Industry is not focused on climate crisis nor does it address deep social tensions. On the contrary, it is structurally aligned with the optimization of business models and economic thinking that are the root causes of the threats we now face

We are working on regenerative features of this transformation: Sustainable economy model, circular supply chain and regenerative network of local ecosystems!

A tech platform to drive sustainability, transparency & profitability

Repasdo platform facilitates the gathering of robust sustainability data and provide clear visibility of environmental and ethical impacts through the Repasdo Circular Supply Chain.  

•Yes! there are already few others- in several scales- delivering such solutions, BUT NON IS GEARED UP FOR USED AND SECONDHAND TEXTILES.!

We are building our production hubs & circular material network across Europe

In Repasdo we deliver materials (treated secondhand textiles), design, production process and quality control to our partner production hubs.

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Ringsaker Gründerparken.

Nygata 22A, 3. etasje, Brumunddal, Norway

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