Our Vision

Lets build a planetary circular supply chain for material and service and share the ownership!

EU aims for 50% of the textile material flow to return to the value chain by 2030. We need high potential, high power and scalable solutions! We need to believe in civil society elements to drive change!

We believe in the pivotal role of industry. Without a profound industrial transformation, it will be impossible for Europe to realize its ambition to become a more resilient, sustainable, circular and regenerative economy.

Repasdo is building its framework based on:

-Regenerative features transformation, to embrace the circular economy based on positive restorative feedback loops as a key pillar of the design of entire value chains;

– An inherently social dimension, demanding attention to the wellbeing of workers, the need for social inclusion and the adoption of technologies that do not substitute, but rather complement human capabilities

-A mandatory environmental dimension, to reduce textile waste, emissions, a water consumption, crafting new ways of thriving in respectful interdependence with natural systems.

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