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Join the Repasdo Family

Repasdo Upcycling Factory : A factory as big as our network.

Repasdo provide the opportunity to work independently for many women who want to stand stronger on their own feet. We share the work and we share the ownership.

In the Repasdo family we design, produce and sell together as a community. The Repasdo platform is a production platform that works with independent sewers, fixed productions patterns and secondhand textiles. In addition, the platform functions as an online market under the brand “Repasdo”.

What we offer
  • Flexibility
    • Working with us should make your life easier! Work when it fits your schedule and make a work enviroment that fits into your life and lifestyle. Make youself the boss of your time and become a business owner with our help and support.
  • Support
    • We provide you with everything you need. We want to help guide you to a place where you can have fun. It is just sewing, we do everything else.
  • Ability
    • Develop your abilities by learning a new trade and new techniques. Our mentors will help you reach your potential while you have fun. We also believe that learning new things should not be expensive, your budget is enough!
  • Do something good
    • Do you also want to do something good for the planet, but don´t know where to start? Giving fabric new life saves the planet. Be a part of the change we need to reduce waste and the impact the fast fashion industry imprint on our home.
  • For Repasdo your will, joy and interest is enough!
    • We will meet you at your are in your life and make it work for you no matter where you live, your lifestyle, language, economy, experience. You are good enough!

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