Who we are

As a Repasdo Founder, I have over 20 years of experience in Strategic Sustainable Development, Project Management, Business Development and Administration. I have worked in the Middle East, Italy, Germany and here in Norway and mostly in the renewable energy and high-tech

Daria Matelli is our sustainable fashion design & production partner in Italy

She is a professor and expert in sustainability & circular design and has valuable background in product & project management.

Jalili Alavian is Repasdo platform-technology designer

He is a senior developer, IT department manager and software consultant, with superior experienced in full stack web apps and telecommunication solutions,  design and implementation of SDP (Service Delivery Platform) and mBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)..

Today, Repasdo (as a ‘graduated idea from MIT innovative bootcamp’) has evolved and achieved quite a lot . On top of everything, we have learned to focus on real problems and let our solution get the focus around it!

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